Prep Label Box

Let us prep your products and free up your time!
We are a premium prep service that caters to lower volume sellers. While many FBA sellers dislike the packing and shipping process, we love it! We pay attention to detail and treat all client inventory as if it were our own. We do our best to keep your costs down so the profit ends up in your pocket!
We are a small volume seller and assure you that all product information will be held strictly confidential. We understand your need for privacy, and protecting your storefront is of the utmost importance to us.
With our service, you can send your items and let us know when you determine that you have built up enough items to ship. Just give us the word when you are ready to proceed. Prep Label Box is perfect for those who are busy with Online or Wholesale Arbitrage. You can ship directly to us, leaving you more time to source. Since we are in California, it can make sense for you to send your west coast buys to us. Our turnaround time goal from receiving the labels to UPS truck is 48 hours. If we miss that goal we will let you know why.

There are no minimum or maximum restrictions on the number of items.

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