Fulfillment Packaging Service

At Fulfillment Packaging Service, we are dedicated to your different multi-channel fulfillment preparation bagging, labeling and logistics needs.
With over 5+ years of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) experience, we found the need to outsource our required bagging and labeling preparation for 3rd Party fulfillment. Based on the updated FBA & FBS (Fulfilled by Sears) restrictions, we were required to package all goods in suffocation labeled bags, and properly tagged with Amazon ASIN’s on the outside. As our business grew, this became time consuming, and made more sense to outsource this service. We were unable to find a company that focused on bagging, labeling and freight forwarding our goods to specific to FBA and FBS fulfillment centers.
Having your goods properly packaged, bagged and labeled helps to reduce delays in having your goods checked into the fulfillment center. This value-added B2B services saves you time, money and will create a better customer experience.

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