Ryan’s FBA Journey

I think it’s important for everyone to know what the mini and overall goal is with me using Amazon’s FBA with my private label product(s). The number one goal is to provide me with a means to be able to use my time the way I WANT. That’s my one goal with any business venture I engage myself in.
More specifically I want to build a brand and resell the rights to it, along with the business name and business model.
I plan to do this in several niches before exploring things outside Amazon and physical product sales.
Before I had a job I did a lot of software development (I don’t code, I just produce/create) and resold to individuals as digital downloads. I’d like to explore that again but on a more continuity level.
My first goal in this journey is to get rid of my part time job…I haven’t worked full time in well over a year, but still the thought of having to wake at a certain time, answer to a manager, and do whatever it is they tell me to do is a nuisance I wish to avoid…indefinitely!
So yep, that’s the big bad plan, pretty simple huh? I have other interest such as film and motivating others, but for now I need to be able to have the TIME to do those things and with FBA + my private label products, I’m sure I can make that possible.
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