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Kibly plugs into your Amazon business in less than 3 minutes… Then works tirelessly for you 24/7… Sending your customers friendly, helpful emails at exactly the right time…

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  1. Andrew @ EcomLoop
    Andrew @ EcomLoop

    When looking for an Amazon-specific email service, we looked at Kibly as well as Feedback Genius and Feedback Five. We never actually tried either of them though because we decided to give Kibly a shot first, and haven’t had a reason to try another service. If it hadn’t worked out, we would have tried one of the other two.

    Initially, we chose Kibly because they promised extremely fast setup (3 minutes), plus the pricing provided the best value for the number of emails we’d be sending. At the time of signup, Kibly offered 6000 emails for $37/month. Feedback Genius would cost $80 to send between 3000 and 10,000 emails per month, while Feedback Five costs $50 for 5000 emails plus $0.05/email beyond that limit.

    Both of these other services claim to offer some additional features, like choosing email send times and excluding customers based on specific rules. We don’t feel like we’re missing out on those, but if they are important, one of the other services may be a better fit.

    Overall, we’ve been very happy with Kibly and would recommend it to Amazon Sellers looking to provide better customer service and gather more social proof. It’s easy to setup, takes little ongoing maintenance, and is very good value compared to the competition.

    November 9, 2017 at 11:58 am Reply

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